[LoveHerFeet] Kiara Cole (I’m A Sneaky Little Feet Slut)

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[LoveHerFeet] Kiara Cole (I’m A Sneaky Little Feet Slut)
I came home one day to find my dad and his handsome business partner, Jay, having a conversation in the living room. For some reason I was particularly horny that day; and I always had a thing for handsome dads. I made sure to catch Jay’s attention by click-clacking my sexy high heels as I flaunted my tiny ass toward my room. I abruptly turned around to see if he was looking at me and sure enough he was. I gave him a naughty smile; he got shy and looked away. I knew I had him. Being the little slut that I am, I stood at the doorway right behind my dad’s back, and teased Jay with my long legs that looked really sexy in my tiny short skirt. He could barely pay attention to what my dad was saying as his eyes locked on my long legs and cute feet. To my luck, dad got a phone call and needed to step out leaving me alone with his partner. I walked over to Jay, sat on the coffee table, and opened my legs. I was not wearing panties so, needless to say, he was speechless as his jaw dropped. I told him I saw him looking at my legs and feet so how about if he takes off my heels and starts sucking on my pretty orange pedicured toes. Afterward he ate my pussy til it was soaking wet so I told him let’s go to my room so I can give him a slutty footjob. I love the feeling of big cocks in the back of my throat and gagging til I can barely breathe. So I told Jay to fuck my face while he stares at my soft yet wrinkled soles. He fucked me so good while worshipping my sexy feet and finished by cumming all over them. To see cum on feet makes me horny all over again…

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