[DevilsFilm] Jaye Summers (Starving For His Cock)

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Meanwhile sister Jaye Summers is supposedly studying at her best friends house but in actuality she just goes over there to fuck her father Mr. Pistol. Jaye is just so horny and has really taken a shine to fucking older men as they really know how to please her. Especially the cheating Mr. Pistol who has lost all morals and scruples as he has found himself addicted to that young girl coochie. It’s a nasty afternoon romp on the couch as the two engage in a myriad of positions having to get all the fucking in until Mrs. Pistol comes home from work. Sucking cock like she is starving Jaye soon mounts the pleasure snake and rides it with gusto. Needing to be filled up more and more Mr. Pistol resorts to shoving his testicles into her dripping fuck hole as well to satiate the beast. Finally sweating like two mating wildebeasts Jaye is rewarded with a blast of man juice right in her face.

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