[Milfty] Christy Love (Scary Movies Make Her Horny)

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[Milfty] Christy Love (Scary Movies Make Her Horny)
Sometimes, Christy Love knows her stepson better than he knows himself. When he picks out a scary movie for them to watch together, she knows he is not going to be able to handle it. To make him feel better, she lays her long, sexy legs across his lap. But soon, the guy develops a massive boner! Christy wants to make her stepson comfortable, so she helps him get rid of his erection the only way she knows how. She chokes on his hard shaft, covering it in glistening spit. Then, she bounces on his dick, playing with her clit until she squirts everywhere. This babe loves it when her stepson fills her pussy all the way up. Best movie night ever.

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