[PornMegaLoad] Holly Brooks (Whole Lotta Sexin Goin On)

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There’s going to be a whole lotta sexing going on with Holly Brooks, so this close encounter cuts out the chase and goes right to the action. Holly knows how to drive guys nuts with her purring sex kitten talk and that is what she is doing to Carlos. His hands roam and squeeze her super-slim body and big tits. Holly must have been poured into her tight, orange two-piece outfit. Carlos buries his face in Holly’s cleavage, manhandling her tits, and then gets her on her back so he can eat her pussy through her split crotch panties. Turning Holly around, he buries his face in her ass cleavage, doing something with his tongue that gets her crazy. Paying tit for tat, she kneels and he stands, dropping his jeans so he can fuck her mouth. Holly makes nasty-girl sucking, drooling and gurgling sounds as she blows him. She is really into lip-locking the cock. Carlos gets Holly on her back again to fuck her big boobs and their heat builds to an inferno. It’s time to get it in.

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