[MomIsHorny] Krissy Lynn, Ricky Spanish (No Rubber MILF Krissy) Watch Online

Krissy Lynn is a busybody stepmom, She’s cleaning her stepsons bed until to her dismay she finds a condom. She confronts her son explaining that only sexually promiscuous women use condoms and that’s not the type of girl adequate for his first time. Krissy points out that his first time should be with someone he trusts, someone who cares about him, someone like her. Ricky is shocked. But Krissy wanted to show him that it’s no fun to use a condom. She takes out her perfect tits and drops her panties. Ricky touches her round ass and tight pussy. Krissy is eager to ride that young cock. She gets pounded until he cums all over her.

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